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Real Estate

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Real Estate Disputes and Litigation

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Real estate contracts can be difficult to understand, even for experienced developers. Let our trusted attorneys go over any deal and negotiate on your behalf to make sure you're not left out on a limb!

From local zoning laws to an objective appraisal, we will research and review everything to protect you and your interests.
Deed Documen

All Real Estate Matters Can Be Handled

  • Deed documents
  • Real estate settlement
  • Litigation
  • Title
  • Liability
  • Purchase and sale
real estate

Title Searches and Lien Discovery

While it seems like a simple thing, one of the best defenses against a bad real estate deal is a title search. In essence, we make sure the person selling the property has the authority to do so.

In some cases, landowners don't even know that a third party has placed a lien on the property offered for sale. Things can get messy from there. Our attorneys at Law Offices of Matthew L Owens will help you avoid any legal entanglement over a land purchase.
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